International Conference on Clinical Legal Education

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International Conference on Clinical Legal Education 2017

Semarang, ID

May 20, 2017 – May 21, 2017

The clinical method allows students to confront the uncertainties and challenges of problem solving for clients in fora that often challenge precepts regarding the rule of law and justice. Perhaps one of the most serious failings in contemporary legal education is that all too many students graduate with a vast doctrinal base of knowledge sealed within a context that is not translatable into practice. In the past twenty years, law schools have started to develop new models and approaches for integration of clinical methodology throughout the law school curriculum. Through Clinical Legal Education students are expected to not only know the theories of law but able to practice them in the real cases.

This conference calls the academics, lawyers, students, judges, prosecutors, police, government officials, researchers and NGO activists to present their works related to the topic of this conference.

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